Goals of the International STEM Education Association

To establish a professional association that supports STEM Educators in the K-12 classroom and promote STEM Education as the cornerstone of innovation and excellence in educational experiences that are imperative for success in the technological world of today and tomorrow.

Purpose of STEM Education

Over the past 200 years, the United States has been recognized as the world leader in invention, innovation, and industry. However, in recent years, this competitive edge has been diminished, and in some cases, surpassed by other countries around the world. Many of the world’s leading engineers, scientists, and technologists are coming from other
countries, leaving the United States vulnerable to a lack of essential knowledge capabilities that create risk in both the economic and political arena. Government leaders, recognizing this vulnerability, have presented and passed legislation to promote more students in high schools around the country to choose careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Generically known as STEM education, this concept is the basis for a educational curriculum model that promotes and supports an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at all K-12 levels.

Focus of ISEA

  • Provide best teaching practices and concepts for the effective delivery of STEM curriculum models

  • Support innovation and creativity in the STEM classroom through the use of applied learning projects and activities

  • Promote and recognize outstanding STEM educators and programs

  • Provide leadership through the support of model STEM laboratories and facilities

  • Serve as a clearing house for innovative and creative ideas and state-of-the-art STEM curriculum models

  • Provide a STEM “teacher” focused annual conference that supports “hands-on” workshops, seminars, and presentations

  • Support STEM vendors input and support

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Future Conference Information - Coming Soon

Thank you to those who attended the 2018 ISEA STEM Expo! Details for our next conference will be coming soon! 


About ISEA

Today's classrooms are dynamic learning environments engaging students who are keyed into technology, often learning in ways that traditional models do not accommodate. ISEA serves to bridge the connection between all areas of STEM education, to show the hands-on application of math and science through real-world, engaging, and fun activities. The ISEA has been established as a not-for-profit association with a mission to support STEM education through grants and services.

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